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On the car paint maintenance skills

Waxing is an important step in car beauty. Many owners of this understanding is one-sided, or frequent waxing, or simply do not fight. Some owners think that the more expensive the car wax,the better, so often use imported car wax. In fact, this approach is inappropriate. The followingmatters needing attention in selection and waxing the car wax to make friends, I hope all of you to help.

With a choice of 1, various types of car wax

At present, the market many types of car wax, both solid and liquid, and other high-end and midrange, and the choice of domestic and imported. Due to the performance of a variety of different car wax, and its effects are not the same, so when in the selection must be carefullychosen improperly, not only can not protect the body, but to make paint color. Under normal circumstances, should be based on the characteristics of the vehicle, car wax, car of new paint color and the running environment and other factors to consider. For the car, can choose high-grade car wax car; the best color coated polishing wax to protect the gloss and color; summershould be treated with UV wax; poor driving environment is protected with highlighting the role ofresin wax is appropriate; while the ordinary vehicles, ordinary pearl or metal paint series car wax.Of course, the choice of car wax must also be considered to adapt with the paint color, usuallydark paint with black, red, green series of car wax, light colored paint selection of silver, white,pearl series of car wax.

2, car waxing note

Do not waxing a new car. Some people buy new cars to the vehicle after waxing, this is worthless. Because the paint itself has a new car

Protective layer of wax, wax wax early but will get rid of the original car surface, resulting in unnecessary waste, general car waxing not repurchase to within five months.

To get a good waxing frequency. Because the vehicle running environment, park place, waxing time interval will be different. There are many garage Park, in good vehicles on the road, every 3-4 months to make a wax; open park the vehicle, due to the wind and rain, the best every 2-3 months to fight a wax. Of course, this is not mandatory, general hand touching the body does not feel smooth, we can re waxing.

Dirt and dust with the best car wash water cleaning the body appearance before waxing.Remember not to blindly use of detergent and soap and water, the sodium chloride contains elements that will erode the body paint, wax, rubber, paint and dull, rubber aging. If there is no dedicated car wash water, you can clean vehicles, will dry the body after waxing.

Should be to wax the car in the shade, ensure that the body does not heat. Because with the increase of temperature, the wax poor adhesion, will affect the quality of wax.

Application of wax, coated with an appropriate amount of car wax sponge, apply the linear reciprocating on the body, not the wax liquid fell on the car graffiti or circle style painting; a work to continuously, can not be painted off; general wax layer evenly after 5-10min with new towelspolishing wax, but quickly the side coated side polished.

After the body waxing, some residual wax in the gap, the license plate lights, door and baggage compartment in the body, so it is very beautiful. Wax scale of these places do not clean in time,may also lead to corrosion. Therefore, after the wax wax scale must thoroughly cleaned, so waxing can be a perfect effect.

In short, as people need beauty care, car also need to wax, to maintain a more beautiful,beautiful car.

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