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How to guard against cold snap cooling failure caused by car
Gradually into the late autumn, especially in the north, a sudden drop in temperature has great influence on the road, the car itself, timely replacement of antifreeze, it is particularly important to check the electrical equipment.
Replacement of all kinds of oil
(1) using low condensation point, liquid fuel. Low temperature fuel oil viscosity increase, liquidity becomes poor, adverse to worsen the combustion of the fuel atomization, the performance and fuel economy of the engine start, declined obviously, therefore, in the case of conditional should choose low condensation point of fuel. General selection principle is that the fuel oil solidifying point is lower than environment temperature 5 ℃ or so.
(2) oil change. Choose a smaller engine oil viscosity, under the condition of low temperature, engine oil viscosity increases as the temperature decreases, liquidity, therefore, should be replaced by timely smaller viscosity oil to offset or eliminate the bad effect.
(3) to replace the winter with all kinds of lubricating oil and grease. Enter winter to deal with the transmission, main reducer, such as steering in lubricating oil with winter, wheel hub bearing with low drop point grease.
Maintenance of engine cooling system
(1) check the thermostat working condition, ensure good thermostat, and prevent the engine water temperature too low or too high. Such as engine at low temperature operation, often will lead to increased wear parts.
(2) remove scale in water jacket. To clean the engine water jacket, remove the internal scale, prevent scale accumulation is overmuch, affect engine cooling machine temperature is too high, such as scale blocking water switch, can lead to water is not clean.
(3) filling antifreeze. When temperature is too low and conditions allow, can use antifreeze, before use to make a thorough cleaning of the cooling system, and should choose good quality, low corrosive fangdongye, avoid the phenomena of corrosion parts of antifreeze inferior quality.
Maintenance of electrical equipment
(1) check the electrolyte density adjustment. Can be appropriately raise the electrolyte density, prevent the electrolyte density is too low, and the frost crack battery shell of the accident.
(2) the higher charging voltage generator. Battery discharge due to low temperature increases, so the dynamo charging amount must be raised, can be appropriately raise voltage regulator limit, general winter regulator limit voltage is higher than in the summer of 0.6 V is more appropriate.
(3) the maintenance start motor. Winter engine starting difficulty, the use of "frequent start motor, such as start the machine power is not enough, the engine will further increase the difficulty. Practice shows that in the summer, if a slight fault and power slightly insufficient to start the machine, start the engine may very well, but in the winter start will become very difficult, can't even start. So to start the machine a thorough service, keep the various parts of the starter clean, dry, especially should be good contact between brush and commutator.
(4) strengthen the battery insulation. In order to prevent the battery too cold startup performance, its freezing and influences in the winter to make a sandwich insulation battery battery box, in order to improve the temperature of the battery.
Adjust the fuel system and ignition system
Winter can be appropriately increased when the carburetor float chamber oil surface height and adjust speed pump stroke, the mixture adapt to the need of the low temperature.
For low temperature start, should be appropriately increased breaker contact closure Angle, contact clearance adjustment of 0.30 0.40 mm, in order to enhance spark intensity.
Maintenance of preheating device
With preheating device of the engine (mostly for diesel engine), before the winter preheating equipment for an inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the technology is in good condition. Maintain key check circuit and oil, prevent because of adverse effects and preheating device working engine start.
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