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The driving wandering phenomenon reason and solution
As long as the driving wandering in the impression, most drivers will be considered a four-wheel positioning to do, actually otherwise, the cause of wandering a lot: the pressure of the tire deprivation running deviation, the extent of the tread wear different running deviation, there is something wrong with the suspension system design or suspension, deformation and displacement of... Occur the phenomenon of running deviation, in short cause running wide for many reasons.
Can check the manufacturer give first rated tire pressure, most household self-drive set between 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar, front and back of the pressure value is different also, if the tire pressure is bound to lead to wandering. In order to better use of the tyres, per twenty thousand km should change the position of the tire, because of the driving wheel wear degree is always larger than other wheels, are a direct result of different friction will be wandering.
The right way to change is, the front and back into a pair of switch at the same time, can't cross diagonal switch back and forth; If you need a new tire should be replaced the same brand, the same pattern of tyre, and four tyres best replacement at the same time. Another common reason is likely to be four-wheel positioning, the front wheel camber Angle, king pin Angle is incorrect, or toe Angle is too small, also can cause wandering. The way to avoid is usually less on opposite sides-to hold the road, a hole when the spot speed reduction, as long as it is normal driving, generally don't have to do one or two years four-wheel positioning. But if you have it must be tested to the professional repair station, a few small testing point is cheap, but are not allowed to be adjusted, soon after the relapse again.
Normally new car due to suspension system failure, wandering the probability is very low, because drive the vehicle in front of the factory will have been manufacturer of strict testing and adjusting. But does not rule out original design has a problem, such as suspension of guide bar and steering tie rod motion interference will affect drive vehicles running deviation. The former is caused by manufacturing errors, adjust the, the latter is due to original design, and the latter more cause to run right slant.
Reasons of deviation of old car running is more, in addition to the above situation, the frame deformation and displacement of the front axle, a negative toe and arm, two front leaf spring shrapnel, and horizontal, straight rod ball head pin pine kuang can cause such as wandering, so for the old car to particular case is particular analysis. If it is running deviation phenomenon aggravate when braking, that is about to check the brake system, emphatically for left and right sides of the wheel braking force can also lead to wandering. First sight on the front wheel brake disc with and without oil, water wet or hardening, and so on and so forth; Under the condition of the brake disc and the slice of all check whether there is any oil on the brake wheel cylinder, brake pliers fixed plate is loose, friction slices do you have any return rather than wait for a phenomenon.
Second, the stand or fall of steering system will also affect the driving straight. Each fitting the clearance is too large or worn loose bearing, king pin and bushing wear, will cause the place head driving on the road, cannot maintain normal trajectory. If it is a steering knuckle arm, steering knuckle bending deformation, tend to cause the one-way driving wandering. The most serious is with linkage end after serious wear loose, will cause to failure, there will be self-drive completely out of control.
Running deviation caused by light on tyres, tyre scrap, or cause a dangerous conditions such as blowout, drive vehicle is out of control. According to the survey, for ordinary families, self-drive under 150 km/h after puncture the probability of survival is less than 20%; Running deviation is not that can let the car immediately, but still drive the vehicle driving wandering for a long time there are many hidden dangers, so once again advise drive car owners or ought to be "sick early medical"
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