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How to maintain the most vulnerable parts
Electrical plug cars with very few important electrical contact plug in gold, and most of the rest of the connection with copper and zinc alloy, under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed, but if the car for a long time under the environment of high temperature, high humidity, bumpy, these joints are likely to produce looseness, rust, poor contact, such as fault, and some strange electrical fault and mostly.
During routine maintenance, therefore, should inspect the car's computer, sensors, nozzle parts such as joint.
Chassis parts from the point of view of use, chassis parts, in fact, more easily than the engine trouble, but in the routine maintenance, a lot of people tend to ignore the check of chassis parts. Chassis is prone to failure parts are mainly concentrated in:
1, the shock absorber, the oil is the forerunner of shock absorber is damaged, in addition, drive the bad road bumps up or longer braking distance also is a sign of shock absorber is damaged.
2, suspension control arm rubber sleeve: rubber after casing damaged vehicles will be running deviation, and a series of problems, even do four-wheel positioning also of no help. If you check the chassis, plastic damage is easy to find.
3, drag link, steering rod relaxation is a serious security hidden danger, therefore, in the routine maintenance, be sure to check the parts. Approach is simple: holding rod, hard chair, if there is no shaking, means everything is normal, otherwise, the ball head or pull rod assembly should be replaced.
4, the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe is one of the most vulnerable parts, car maintenance and don't forget to take a look. Especially with the ternary catalysts of exhaust pipe, check more carefully.
5, universal joint, dust-proof sets: don't look down upon the dustproof set of universal joint outside, it not only has the dustproof effect, still can prevent loss of grease around the universal joint, dustproof set, once broken, grease will soon be lost, because of the dry grinding, universal joint is easy to damage.
Attention should be paid to regular replacement tires, tire 】 【 a set of tyres and durable, also cannot use all my life, some people work easy, car use frequency is low, a set of tyres used a few years later, tread on the surface is intact, but in fact, the performance of the tire will slowly with the increase of the 10-year aging, quality gradually reduce, if not know this, thought "looks good" tire no problem that is wrong.
Maintenance of tires, the first to remove stones from the tire inclusions, such as check tyre bubbling, layer, laceration, Cu, aging, etc; Secondly when removing the tire, rim for cleaning, check the inner tube and lined with no damage or crinkly phenomenon, in accordance with the provisions, pressure air, the tyre flanging or transposition. In addition, check the tires and wing, trunk base plate, steel plate spring, fender and so on presence of friction touch phenomenon.
[battery] battery is the key in electric system, in the car, use a lot of electrical devices, storage battery don't work properly, will affect the performance of many devices. In automatic transmission of cars, for example, if the battery is not normal, will make the car can't start. Therefore, must have always been able to obtain stable power supply.
To check if the battery when the liquid level, liquid level between the up and down 2 scribed line is considered appropriate. At the same time also should check each tank of liquid level difference. If the liquid level is insufficient, can unscrew the battery cover, pour into distilled water make up level.
Check the battery terminals, using iron brush in addition to the terminal product on the dirt. If wiring clamp badly soiled, can use sand paper along the wall clean, wear off dirt.
Usually we will brake pads 】 【 whether the brake warning light on the dashboard lights up as a judgment of the change of brake shoe, but this is the last bottom line, if by this time to change, has been quite dangerous.
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